About Us

Chestnut Wellness Center is a family oriented practice that focuses on helping each individual have a healthier life. We offer a variety of programs and treatments to help create a wholesome lifestyle. We believe that it is never too late to reach optimal health, reverse damage, and push the bodies own power to heal. At Chestnut Wellness Center, we love challenging cases and often can properly diagnose and treat patients that have failed at other practices and medical interventions. 

Dr. Brian McDonnell

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Dr. McDonnell started his pathway to Chiropractic after he graduated from SMS in 1982. He began Logan University of Chiropractic shortly after and graduated in 1985 with his Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. McDonnell has owned his own practice now for 36 years and continues to educate over thousands of people every year. He also has his own radio talk show that he speaks on every Monday to share testimonials, misdiagnosis' that he has turned around, new machines that he has began using in his office and how successful they have been towards his patients, and so much more. Dr. McDonnell offers multiple types of treatments and specific supplements in his office that cater to each and every patient that walks through his door. His key to life through his practice will always be through wellness.