In our office, we carry multiple types of supplements and inflammatory relief products.

  • Standard Process

  • Anabolic Laboratories 

  • Pure Encapsulations 

  • Youngevity

  • Emu Oil

  • Biofreeze

  • Olive Leaf Extract

  • CBD Oil

  • Ortho Molecular

  • Nature's Sunshine

  • Allergy Research Group

Blood Typing

We provide Blood Typing Kits that you can perform at home or we can perform them here in our office! Dr. McDonnell provides specific diets and exercises for all blood types if you are interested in learning more about your health and the best foods to intake for your body.

  • ​Blood Type A:

  • Blood Type B:

  • Blood Type AB:

  • Blood Type O:

Food Allergy Testing

At Chestnut Wellness Center, we want our patients to know how important their wellness is. A lot of people don't realize that specific types of foods aren't meant to go into their bodies, especially when you realize that you're allergic to a specific type of food. And when this happens, you begin to think "What else could I be allergic to?" That's why we have began to perform Food Allergy Testing here in our office. If you are interested in having a Food Allergy Test, call our office for more information!