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I had an unexplained seizure at age seventy-five and was unable to walk. I was walking with a cane and had no balance. I went to Dr. McDonnell and had Scalp Acupuncture. Now I walk with great balance and no cane.


When my Pilates instructor recommended I see Dr. McDonnell, I did not have any hope of getting relief. However, after about 4 treatments, I saw improvement in my neck, back and shoulder. I could tell everyday I was getting relief from the pain and discomfort. Gradually I felt like doing more physical activities and I have the energy to do these activities


I found out I had Fibromyalgia in 1974 and have had three surgeries since then, alongside many heavy pain pills. In 2012, I went to Dr. McDonnell for Acupuncture and have been going ever since. My health is better today than it has been in 25 years.


My husband and I began seeing Dr. McDonnell in 2013. Our treatment plans prevented my husband from having shoulder surgery and I have been pain free due to an injury to my hips.


I went to Dr. McDonnell after being told that I would never regain full use of my arm after a shoulder break. After Acupuncture I now have full use of my arm.


I appreciate doctors who are willing to try different techniques to speed up the healing process and honesty about Bell's Palsy. We thank God for doctors like you.